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This lithograph appears in portrait orientation, within a light frame. The image shows three naked figures bathing: two women and a baby. The woman on the left is standing beside a large pillar or block and resting her head on its top. Her body faces forward to the viewer, and her right arm is bent and resting on top of the block, with her head rested horizontally on top. Her left arm is also bent, holding strands of her long hair back. She has long and wavy dark hair. Her face is inexpressive, showing only open eyes and a closed mouth. To her right is a woman sitting on a plain box or step that is shaded slightly darker than the surrounding area. She has long hair pulled back into a knot and is leaning forward with arms extended down and out to hold up the baby in the pool below. The baby sits on the edge of the pool with its body facing forwards to the viewer slightly turned to the left, with legs spread and arms extended out to the side. The arms are held out by the seated woman above. The baby has light short hair.