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The line block image is in portrait orientation. The image shows the head and shoulders of a grotesque figure, possibly female, with a squid on her head, backgrounded by a stark black. The figure is drawn in the bottom two-thirds of the picture plane, leaving the top third blank but for the black background. The image is outlined with a single thick black line. The black outline blends in with the stark black background behind the woman, except for at the bottom of the page where the border contrasts with her white skin. The woman’s chest is shown from just below the collarbone and up. The woman’s upper chest is bare, without any markings, and the chin is drawn in with a short upward curved line. The face is centered in the page. She has downturned, pursed lips and crease lines drawn down from her nose and under her eyes. She has her eyes closed slightly, with a furrowed brow. There are many lines indicating wrinkles on her forehead and between her brows. Sitting on her head, like hair, is a squid or octopus with many legs spotted with bumps. The creature’s head is directly atop that of the figure. It has large eyes that also have bags under them. Its eyes are wide and staring straight ahead. The face sags down as if it has no muscle in it and drops to a point at the bottom. The tentacles fall around her face like layered pieces of hair. The artist’s signature appears in the bottom right corner of the page, in a diagonal line going up to the right. The text is: “William T. Horton.” and the “T.” in the middle has the top line extended to reach over the whole rest of the name. A parallel line is drawn underneath the name. Beneath the picture frame is the biblical caption: “Giving heed to seducing spirits.”—1 TIMOTHY, iv.1.