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The line block image is in portrait orientation. The image shows the head and shoulders of a grotesque figure with features of a supernatural creature, possibly male. The image is outlined with a single thick black line. The black outline blends in with the stark black background behind the head, except for at the bottom of the page where the border contrasts with his white skin. The figure’s chest is shown from just below the collarbone and up. There is an inverted triangle drawn to represent the adam’s apple in his throat. The face is very angular, with a pointy chin and high cheekbones. The man’s mouth is opened to allow for his tongue to stick out. The tongue is long and is shaped in a barb at the tip. Seven drops of spit are drawn in small teardrop shapes falling from his mouth. His nose has a sharp point at the base. His eyes are hardly opened, and many bags line the top of his eyelids and underneath his eyes as well. His brow is furrowed and deep lines are set in the crease between the brows. He has large, pointed ellf ears that are the length of three-quarters of his head height, and come to sharp points at the tips. He has no hair. The artist’s signature appears in the bottom right corner of the page, in a diagonal line going up to the right. The text is: “William T. Horton.” and the “T.” in the middle has the top line extended to reach over the whole rest of the name. A parallel line is drawn underneath the name. Below the frame is the scriptural caption: “They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips.”--PSALM cxl.3.”