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The cover image, in portrait orientation, combines a line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink design with letterpress. The title: “THE SAVOY” [caps] appears in the top quarter of the page in large font. Underneath the title is the text: “AN ILLUSTRATED QUARTERLY” [caps], centered in small font. In the line below “No. 2” appears aligned to the left. In the same line the text: “April 1896” is centered. Right aligned in the same line is the text: “Price 2/6 net”. Below this line an ornamented curved, curlicue edge separates the publishing information from the image below. The ornamented edge dips down slightly lower in the centre with a scallop shell ornamented with floral buds sticking up in the middle. On either side of the scallop is text. On the left in two lines it reads: “EDITED BY” [caps] and on the other side of the scallop in two lines appears: “ARTHUR SYMONS” [caps]. The image below the text block is of two women in a bedroom selecting a hat to wear with a small page aiding them. In the foreground and the bottom left of the page is an open hat box with a plume of feathers sticking out the top and hanging over the left side. The lid of the hat box leans against the front. To the right is a square box lid partially visible in the foreground. To the right of that and centrally in the foreground is a shorter and wider hat box opened with the lid leaning on the top edge and the floor and revealing the top edge of a hat with ribbons hanging out over the edge. Slightly behind the central hat box is a larger hat box closed and with the text: “Elise” scrawled across the front and around the right side. The box also has a bow on the front edge. The page leans forward over top of the “Elise” hat box, in profile facing the women at the left of the page. The page is holding a large brimmed hat with floral decorations around the crown and offering it to the women. The page wears a double vent tailcoat reaching down to the knee. The coat features a bow on the lower back. The page has a bald area on the top of the head and coiled hair that starts at the back of the scalp and hangs down below the shoulders. The page’s face is visible in profile. On the left, behind the hat box, a woman sits on a chair facing to the right of the page. Her face is visible in profile. She wears a long gown that has a wide, off-the-shoulder neckline. The dress has a swirl dotted pattern embroidered into it. There is heavy swirling at the bottom of the skirt. A bow is tied in the centre of her bust. She has long, dark, and coiled hair. Her arms are bent and holding a ornamented hat on her lap. The hat is large brimmed and has a striped pattern on the crown only. There are bows and twirls of ribbon around the band. One long end of a ribbon hangs down her lap. Behind the seated woman is a standing woman, also facing to the right side of the page. Her face is in three-quarters profile. She has on a large nightgown with a small floral pattern and vertical dotted lines. She also has on a large bonnet, which covers her hair and neck. The bonnet has ruffled edges and like a scarf has a piece that hangs down her front. She has her right hand on her hip and her left hand extended out and pointed down. The floor of the room is a diamond pattern parquet with a large floral garland patterned rug over top. Behind the women on the left is a large paned window with drapes. An oval mirror is hung on the wall just past the window towards the back wall. The mirror has a candle holder extending out from either side. On the back wall to the right of the mirror is a tall and ornamented grandfather clock. The wall has vertical striped dark wallpaper with square panelling in the bottom quarter. In the middle of the back wall is a floor-length mirror, again with candle holders and two candles on each side mid-way up. In the mid-ground and slightly to the right is a dressing room table topped with a small mirror, perfume bottle, piece of clothing, and small brushes. The table has rounded legs convexing outwards and one drawer in the front. Behind the table on the wall is a portrait of a woman in an oval frame, dressed in a gown and a plumed hat. To the right of the frame, and from the mid-ground to the back wall, sits a bed only one-quarter in the frame, showing an ornamented headboard and footboard with a bench in front piled high with pillows and blankets. The bed seems to have an upper frame with bed curtains, pulled off to the side. In the bottom right corner of the page the artist’s name, printed within a white box “AUBREY BEARDSLEY –” [caps].