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The lineblock image is in portrait orientation. The image shows two women embracing in the centre, elevated above a landscape in the bottom quarter, which, the figures seem to be floating above One woman [Saint Rose] is turned to face the other figure who is behind and slightly to her right [Mary the Blessed Virgin]. The woman leans forward and has her arms around the other woman. She has on a long white gown with layering at the bottom edge near the ankle. She has on slippers with ribbon that wraps around her visible right ankle. The other foot is hidden by the fabric of the other woman’s dress. She has a small rose at the top of the layering at her dress edge. There is no waistline to her dress; it falls widely around her, and the sleeves are long and wide as well. She has very long coiled dark hair that falls below her waist. She has roses intermittently placed throughout her hair. Her face is turned back towards the viewer, and is visible in three-quarters profile. She has slightly upturned lips and her eyes are shut. Her right arm is visibly resting on the other woman’s left arm. The second woman is facing the viewer, but her body is turned slightly towards the left side of the page. She has on a long, flowing, and dark robe.. The fabric seems to be blown about by winds, and it wraps around her feet, covering them, and the feet of the other woman, almost enveloping them both. The underside of the robe is black, which is visible on the edges that are turned up slightly by the winds. The woman’s body is covered by the other woman hugging her. She has half of her face visible, with partially closed eyes and upturned lips. She has dark hair that is coiled tightly, and which falls to just below her shoulders. She has her left hand resting on top of the other woman’s right arm. Her dress neckline is high and decorated with a spherical pattern. She has on a large and ornate headpiece or crown. The headpiece is crown-like with a dome attached on top and straight pieces emerging in mirrored ascending and descending heights at a forty-five degree angle on each side. The top of the dome also has three points jutting out vertically. Behind these two women is a blank background. Just below the figures’ feet is a landscape and skyline. In the bottom left corner of the page is a small city with a chapel rising up the highest, and various other small buildings appear around it. The city appears in a valley, with rolling hills behind it interspersed with trees and greenery. In the central foreground, and to the right of the city, is a bigger mountain, with grass growing in small gatherings intermittently. The bottom right corner has a large gathering of trees that comprise a forest. The trees have hills in the background and the small point of a chapel appears in the distance. Mountains form the skyline at the background of all the foreground landscape.