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This lithograph is in portrait orientation. The image shows a naked woman leaning forward and about to dive into water; behind her, from a doorway, another figure peeks out from what appears to be a bathing hut. The image has a single-lined frame. The image is lightly sketched in soft lines. The bottom quarter of the page shows only faint markings indicating waves in water and in the right bottom corner the bottom edge of a doorway is shown situated diagonally up to the left. The woman’s feet are standing on the sill of the doorway, shown in tiptoe position about to jump. The woman’s body is in profile and takes up the centre of the page. She is facing toward the left, bent forward at the waist. Her arms are extended above her head and forward, her fingertips are about to touch the surface of the water. Her left knee is bent forward. Her face is covered by her extended left arm. She has long straight hair that falls down her curved back, and the hair is slightly lifted by the wind. Above her back on the right edge of the page a person’s face emerges looking down at her curved spine. The figure has their left hand holding onto the doorframe on the side closest to the viewer. The doorway is drawn to reach the top edge of the page. There is only blank background behind the woman diving.