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This line block image is in portrait orientation. The image shows many figures moving about a room with big windows looking out into a garden. In the foreground and in the bottom right corner of the page are two playing cards laid out and partially overlapping each other on the floor, beneath an ornamented table. The table is cut off by the image frame at the centre point, so only the left half is visible. The table takes up the bottom quarter of the page on the right side foreground. The table has bowed legs and woodwork ornaments appear on the legs in a floral design. On the floor to the left of the leg closest to the centre of the page is one more playing card. The table also has a garland of flowers draped across the front at the base of the tabletop. On the table is an ornamented sugar holder with three saucers set in a circle around it. Two teacups sit atop two of the saucers; the third teacup is in the hand of a small dwarf figure who stands to the left of the table and grins at the viewer [possibly Pope’s gnome]. There is a serving bowl with pieces of food in it to the right of the tea service. There is a black teacup and saucer spread out on the table to the right of the other teacups. A quarter of a large teapot is visible on the right edge of the frame. There is a card deck box half in the frame slightly foregrounded to the teapot. The dwarf figure stands to the left of the table holding the teacup in his right hand. He is half the height of any other person in the room. He is just to the right of centre in the foreground. His body is turned toward the right side of the page, but his head is turned to face the viewer. He is wearing heeled slippers with tasseled tops and knee-high stockings with a tassel hanging from the outer side. He has on dark pants that tuck into the stockings and a a long tail coat. The coat has a zig-zag pattern around the bottom hem and up the slits on the side of the coat and two zig-zags mirroring each other on both sides of the front opening. The pattern also travels down the sleeves, which have a ruffled edge. The neckline is high and fabric of a different shade appears to be wrapped tightly around the upper part of the neck. He is wearing hooped earrings and a large hat with a plume at the front. To the left of this figure is a ornately dressed young man with long black ringlets [the Baron in Pope’s poem]. Facing left, his face is only visible in profile; he brandishes a pair of scissors in his right hand. He is wearing on heeled slippers with tasseled tops and stockings with a lightly embroidered design of a floral pattern. His elaborately decorated coat has a contrasting dark floral pattern along the bottom and side edges while the rest is a light shade. The coat has large sleeves that hang far below his arm. Inside the coat he is wearing a ruffled shirt or tunic with two layers of ruffles on the bottom edge and big ruffles on the neck that touch his chin. The scissors he holds up in his right hand appear ready to cut the hair of the woman in front of him [Belinda in Pope’s poem]. his woman is seated in a chair with an ornamented back. Her dress overflows through the back of the chair onto the ground. The dress is black, decorated with flowers. The back is low, cutting across in a straight line just below her shoulder blades. The dress is sleeveless, but she has on an off-the-shoulder top underneath that has light puffy sleeves with a ruffle at the hem. There is a bow sitting on her left shoulder, partially visible. She has on a coiled wig in an updo with a plume emerging out of a small headpiece on the back of her scalp. The rest of her body and face is cut off by the frame. Behind these two figures is a partially visible table with a perfume bottle on it. An ornamented room-divider or screen stands behind the table. Behind the screen is the window and the curtain pulled to the left side of it. One tassel hangs down from the top left corner of the page. Behind the dwarf figure and the tea table is another woman, standing with a huge gown on that dominates the middle ground of the picture. She is turned slightly toward the right side of the page and the right half of her body is cut off by the frame. Her gown is quadruple her size in width. The skirt plumes out wide with vertical lines of floral design covering it. The bodice is comprised of a corset and has the same pattern of vertical lines as the skirt does. The neckline is very low and off-the-shoulder, showing a lot of her upper chest. The sleeves are very puffy and tighten at the elbow to then spread out in a ruffle. There is a floral bunching on her right shoulder. She has a huge wig on made of large rolled coils of hair and at the top is a sprinkling of flowers and feathers. Behind her in the background to the left of her on the page are two more figures, standing in front of the curtained window. The female figure immediately to the left is wearing a similar gown. She is turned to face slightly to the left of the page, showing a three-quarters profile. Her dress appears to have a large skirt covered partially by the woman in front of her to the right. She has polka dots on her skirt and a strip of plain material down the middle of the dress has two bows lined up vertically. The neckline is low and off-the-shoulder, with sleeves that are very puffy and in tiers. There is a group of flowers at the front and top edge of the dress. She has a large wig on with rolled coils of hair as well. She has flowers at the top of her hair. To her left is a male figure. He is turned to face the right side of the page, showing his face in profile. He has a bulbous stomach and behind. He has on pants, partially visible behind the skirt of the woman foregrounded to his right on the page. He has on a long overcoat with large sleeves and ornamented clasps all down the front opening. The sleeve has three buttons on the edge along with a floral pattern. He has on a buttoned undershirt with a lightly embroidered floral design. Ruffles come out from the bottom edge of the undershirt. At his neck and down his front is a large ruffle. He wears a ringletted wig that falls to just below his shoulders. He has a downturned nose and a straight mouth. Through the window behind him is a pastoral landscape. Two rows of trees form an avenue in the distance. There is an urn with foliage growing out of in in the foreground and left side of the window frame. Beneath the rows of trees grass grows, and beyond the trees is a plain sky with a single cloud in the upper left corner of the window.