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MONSIEUR J. E. BLANCHE desires to state that the reproduction of his picture,
“The Painter Thaulow and his Family,” in the first number of “THE SAVOY,”
was made from a reduced photograph, the cliché of which had to be re-touched
without comparison witht he original

          *             *              *             *              *             *              *             *             
        It is regretted that owning to Mr. Beardsley’s illness, he has been unable to
finish one of his full-page drawings to Chapter IV. of “Under the Hill,”
i.e., “The Bacchanals of Sporion,” and that its publication in consequence has
had to be postponed to No. 3 of “THE SAVOY.”

          *             *              *             *              *             *              *             *             
        For the convenience of such subscribers as desire to bind up “THE
SAVOY” into volumes, is appended a print of the covers of Nos. 1 and 2,
pulled on white paper, which may be bound in, in substitution for the pink
cardboard covers.

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