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The halftone image reproduces a poster in portrait orientation. The image is of a full-length figure of a woman, facing frontally. Out of the frame around her spill flowers, champagne, and a skull. The woman takes up almost the whole page, in a big rectangular portrait frame. The frame has a thick border on the left and right side only, with engraved roses. The woman is foregrounded, centered, and takes up three-quarters of the height and half the width of the space. She is wearing a darker gown with a square neckline that has a slight geometric pattern of squares or triangles in a thin line around the neck. The dress pinches in at the waist, with puffy shoulders and then sleeves that tighten at the forearm. In her right hand is a single flower, which she holds upside down, with the petals facing the ground. Her left hand is holding a swath of her dress and lifting the side slightly. Her hair is tied back, and she wears a large hat, tilted up away from her face with a slight floral detail on the underside of its brim and bow loops falling forwards over the edge. In the background on the bottom half of the picture is a patternless, dark geometric shape. It juts out around her skirt in blocky, irregular extensions. The top half of the picture has a background of peacock feathers that emerge out from directly behind the woman’s back. They reach out all the way to the border of the picture. In the bottom right, the picture has the text “La Parisienne May Louis OURY” in a single line, and with the artist’s name “Louis OURY” underlined. Seeping out from behind the bottom of the picture frame is a black liquid. On top of the liquid and just in front of the picture is a scroll laid out with no writing on it. To the left of that is a skull in portrait, facing to the right. Behind the skull and just before the picture is an unopened bottle of champagne lying sideways to the right and a bouquet of flowers rests on top of the bottle with the stems fallen slightly to its left. Emerging from behind the low left side of the picture are two dandelion flowers growing upwards and three arms of leaves, highlighted with a ragged black shaded background.