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The line block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing is in portrait orientation. A woman and a small man or boy are walking through a forest. In the foreground for about one-fifth of the page are plants and flowers. In the mid-ground centrally is the shorter man or boy, shown in mid-step and in profile. He takes up the middle half of the page and is facing in portrait towards the right side. He is wearing slippers with bows on the toe of each, pants, and a lace collared overcoat tied together in the middle with a bow. A scarf is wrapped around his neck and tucked into the coat. His hair is short and curly and he wears a boater-style hat with a ribbon around the crown. Behind him and slightly to the right is a tall woman. This woman takes up about three-quarters of the page in height and together with the man they span about one-third of the page in width. She is also facing to the right and taking a step in that direction. She has on bow slippers as well, but is wearing a long dress. The dress has a ruffled edge on the skirt bottom and sleeve, with polka dots scattered about and a large bow on the arm cuff. The dress has a wide boat neck. In her right hand is a mostly closed fan with feathering on the top edge. Her hair is pulled up and a floral hair piece is on the right side of her head. She is wearing a large brimmed sun hat, tilted down towards her face and it is has flowers around the crown. In the background on the right behind the woman is a tall tree with an exposed trunk and leaves that are above the frame. To the left in the background is a light path headed from the midline of the left side towards the central vanishing point. On either side of the path is more foliage, with trees rising up behind and leaving only a small space for the light sky to come through. The small pointed roof of a building peeks out from above the trees in the centre of the background.