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The line block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing is landscape oriented. The image is a street view of Regent Street in London, from the perspective of a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The side of a building is seen from this perspective with an arched doorway and ornamented detailing above in the stone work. Above the doorway sits a balcony with an arched door leading out. A window sits above the balcony, and a set of three windows appear above. To the right of the building is a sidewalk and then the road, which travels straight towards the mid-ground and then curves off to the right. Many pedestrians line the sidewalk in front of the building, which curves along the left side of the road. The building ends, leaving a slight gap before the next identical building begins and follows the same curve out of sight. On the opposite side of the road is a mirrored sidewalk and building set-up. The building entrance on the far right is comprised of a large archway made of big blocks of stone. A set of three pillars is situated on top of the arch, and support a protruding roof. Windows line the front of the buildings on both sides of the street in three rows, with smaller windows in the top row. Along the side of the buildings on the left, about a third of the way up, train tracks run along the curve. In the sky that takes up the central background of the image, a large cloud that looks mushroom-like is blooming up, and the sky around seems to be exploding outwards in straight lines. Aligned in the centre on the bottom edge of the image is the text: “JOSEPH PENNELL” [caps]. There is no border around the image.