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The line block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing is in a portrait orientation with a double-lined rectangular frame. A male figure takes up nearly the whole picture frame, spanning from the top edge to the bottom of the page. He stands to the left of the page but still takes up three quarters of it. The man is turned to the right side of the page with a three-quarters profile and gesturing with his left hand that is wrapped in a flower garland to the right side of the page. His left hand falls upturned just below the text title: “Contents.” The man is wearing a double-breasted waistcoat with ruffling emerging from the neck alongside a boutonniere with rose and leaves on his collar. He has a bulbous stomach and a pocket watch hangs down, appearing to be attached from somewhere underneath the coat. He wears knee-high black boots with flowers attached to the tops of the feet and wings jutting out from the ankle. Wings also appear on either side of the top hat on his head. His short coiled hair emerges from beneath the hat. A large shawl is draped around his body and is mostly plain on the outside apart from two decorative emblems of a floral grouping appearing on the bottom corners mirrored on each side. The shawl is decorated with polka dots on the underside. In his right arm, the man holds both an oversized quill pen and a double-end pencil. These are the length of over half his height. A quarter up the page a flower garland is draped in the background with two drops and three bows pinning them up between. There is also a bulldog peeking out from the left bottom corner, at the man’s foot, but the dog is only far enough out to see the head and one front paw.