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This line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing is in portrait orientation. The image shows a frontally facing woman sitting on a bench, holding a young child on her lap in a garden before a forest. At the feet of the woman, and in the foreground, are small sproutings of flowers and plants. The bench is placed diagonally at the centre of the picture plane, going up towards the right, The seated woman is wearing a flowing gown with long sleeves and a square neckline. Around her skirt is a large floral patterned blanket or robe that is edged in fur. The woman has her arms bent up to hold the young child on her left knee. She is facing the viewer but turned slightly to the left of the page. She has on a crown with five points sticking up in ascending and then mirrored descending heights protruding from the back of her head. The same set of five points stick out horizontally from both sides of her head as well. Her hair falls past her shoulders in dark waves. On her forehead a band wraps horizontally around with a small ornamented disk at the front and centre. The young child on her lap is wearing a light coloured and collared robe with a small necktie loosely tied. The child faces to the left of the page and shows about a three-quarters profile. The child has short curly hair. Behind the child and to the right is a sack that is tied off with a tassel rope. To the right of the sack in the background is a piece of lattice. To the left of the child and woman is another piece of the lattice further back in the forest than the other. In front of the lattice on the left is a dark area with a bush of roses blooming. Trees fill the background across the top third of the page and only their trunks are visible within the frame. There is black darkness between the trunks in the background. The name “AUBREY BEARDSLEY” [caps] appears in the bottom right corner, framed within a single-lined border.