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The lineblock image is in portrait orientation. The image is an advertisement for Paul Naumann’s design and engraving services with a description of his guidelines and contact information. The background of the text is a drawing of a frame and an image within that extends over top of the borderlines. The image has a single black line border with a white line border about one and half its thickness on the inside edge. On the inside of the white border is the frame designed with ornamental leaves in the corners and wave-like diagonal lines that are grouped in twos and then mirrored in the space between the corners. There are also dots in the centre of each mirrored pair of wave lines. The leaves match each other identically in the top left and rights corners, and the leaves distinctly match in the bottom left and right corners. The top corners have white leaves like fleur-de-lis, with a central stem and then three leaves jutting off in symmetry. The bottom corner leaves have only two leaves jutting off from a central ball. These border decorations are all white and the inverted colour of the black background. There is a thin white rectangular border forming the inside edge of the frame, which distinguishes between the border with its decorations and the image within. The top third of the inner image is an uneven, curved frame around the name “PAUL NAUMANN” [caps] that appears in text that is more than double the size of any other text on the page. The smaller name frame spills over the edges of the whole page frame. The fancy lettering that the name appears in has serifs and the stems on the letter “N” extend far out to the left and right of the letter. The lettering is white on a black background within the frame, and this frame is made of white curved lines that join together in curlicues at the corners. There are additional curlicues added on the left side of this frame. In the small space between the top of the name frame and the external frame is a woman’s face and upper chest. She has on a pendant chain necklace and has simple features: a small circle for a mouth, a slight horizontal line for the nose, and black ovals topped with black lines for eyes and brows. Her hair appears to be streaked in black and white strips and flows away from her head at great width and length. This hair effect takes up the space from the left to right border in the small area above the name frame. Below the name on the remainder of the page are three more boxes filled with text. The bottom two-thirds of the page are divided up unevenly between the boxes. On the left third, starting just below the name frame, is a long rectangle that has a perfectly square edged frame backgrounded by a curlicue frame that protrudes out in various places. In this box at the top there is a waved line cut in half by a circle, and another small waved line appears to the right with a single dot at the end. Below this design is the text: “DESIGNER” [caps]. In the next line down is the text: “ENGRAVER” [caps], and below that in the next line is the text: “ON WOOD” [caps]. In the line below there is the text: “AND” [caps] in half sized typeface compared to the rest in the box, and to the right of that text is a series of five short waved lines underscoring the word “WOOD” [caps] in the above line. In the next line down is the text: “PHOTO” [caps] followed by one waved line. In the next line down is the text: “ZINCOGRA” [caps] followed by a small waved line. One line down has the text: “PHER &c” [caps] with another waved line. In the final line of the box there is a circle with a waved line coming out the right side of it and another identical line appears just to the right, followed by a dot and then a colon arrangement of two dots followed by one short hyphen line. To the right of this box is another that takes up the remaining two-thirds of the space to the right. This box has perfectly squared edges and has two black line borders separated by a small white space. The text inside is a different, more medieval, style of typeface from the aforementioned name and designer information. The text in the first line is: “Paintings, Drawings,” underscored by two lines. There is a small starburst icon below that left aligned text. To the right of the star in the same line is the right aligned text: “Photographs, etc.,” which is also underscored with two lines. The line below has half-sized text to the rest in the box. The text is: “Reproduced by either Wood Engraving,” and then the line below shares the same size and has the text: “HALF-TONE, or LINE PROCESS” [caps]. Below that text are four starburst icons with lines extending out from both sides. In the line below is the text: “Manuscripts, Catalogues,” and that is underscored by two lines. In the next line down is the text: “ETC., ETC.,” [caps]. One line down has the text: “Illustrated throughout by the best” and then the sentence continues down to the next line with the text: “ARTISTS.” [caps]. The line below has another series of four starburst icons with lines protruding out from both sides, but these lines extend further out than the ones above. The line below that has the text: “Artistic Printing”, which is underscored by two lines and then in the same line on the right side there are four starburst icons spaced out to fill up the remaining half of the line. In the line below right aligned is the text: “A SPECIALTY.” [caps]. Underneath that is an identical four starburst icon design with wide reaching lines extending out from the sides as two lines above. Below that is a sentence spread among five lines. The first line has the text: “ARTISTS [caps] are invited to send Drawings,”. The next line reads: “etc., as, owing to large connection with”. The next line is: “Publishers and Art Editors, we have great”. The next line has the text: “facilities for disposing of Drawings or”. The final line reads: “Copyright of same.” and each of these five lines is underscored by a single line. This box on the right side is longer than the one to the left. Just below the bottom of it is the last text box that is a rectangle extending horizontally. In this box there is large sized typeface in two lines. The first line reads: “65 69 & 71 PENTONVILLE ROAD [caps]” with dots placed between each of the numbers. The second line reads: “LONDON N” [caps] but this text is right aligned and to the left of it appears a series of four waved lines with a dot between the first and second and one dot following the last wave. In the bottom left corner of the inner image there is a white sun with sunbeams made of straight lines stretching out towards the middle of the page. The background is all in the inverted style, with white text boxes atop a black background with some white designs peeking through.