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The cover image, in portrait orientation, combines a line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink design with letterpress. The title: “THE SAVOY” [caps] appears in the top quarter of the page, with the text “AN ILLUSTRATED QUARTERLY” [caps, italics] centered below. One row down the text “No. 1” is aligned on the left side, with the text “Price 2/6 net” in the same line but aligned to the right. Centered in the line below is the text “January 1896.” A tall woman stands in the bottom left foreground, rising up two-thirds of the page to meet the bottom of the title. She is turned to the right and her face appears in two-thirds profile. She is dressed in a full-length gown with horizontal stripes and an overcoat with buttons of the same material on top. She has a white hood attached to her overcoat and dark voluminous hair worn down around her face. In her white-gloved hand is a riding crop at rest. In the central foreground a putto, or young cherub-like boy, appears naked apart from a striped overcoat, plumed hat, and bowed slippers. He is turned to the right with a hand on his hip and his other hand holding a tasseled staff that is taller than he is. Flowers and plants grow up along the bottom edge of the page in the foremost ground. A herm or male statue body stands to the left and in the background of the woman. An ornamented sundial sits in the mid-ground behind the putto. A tree protrudes taller than the rest of the forest in the central background. A pond is just in front of the forest in the mid-ground, with a Stowe rotunda emerging halfway behind trees to the right of the pond. The signature “AUBREY BEARDSLEY, 1896.” [caps] appears in the bottom right corner of the page, within a rectangular box. The page is surrounded by a double-lined rectangle.