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This half-tone reproduction of a crayon drawing printed in red ink is in portrait orientation. The drawing of a head floats in a plain background. The head takes up the whole central area of the image, leaving only a little space on each side and a little more above and below. The head is facing the viewer straight on, with a slight tilt of the chin downwards. The face is round with a slightly squared chin. There is a mouth depicted in a tight line. The nose takes up a large portion of the face, and the eyes are proportionately large as well. The irises are positioned at the top of the eyeball, as a result of the chin being pointed down slightly. The brows angle up towards the sides of the face in a straight line. Frizzy, curly hair falls down on the face in bangs to the mid-forehead and temples. The hair also falls around the sides of the face, creating a puffy cushioning of hair around the head. There is brief shading below the chin to indicate the start of a neck. The image is drawn in a burnt orange-red colour (“sanguine”) on a pale background.