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This halftone reproduction of an oil painting is in portrait orientation. The image shows a family watching the father paint on the shore of the sea. The family is foregrounded in the image with the sea and sky coming through in only about one-third of the page. In the centre of the foreground is the artist. He is seated on a stool, turned to the left of the page, and showing his face in profile. He has short, thinning hair and a short beard. A cigarette sticks out of the side of his mouth. He is looking slightly down at the easel in front of him. He is wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a necktie that hangs over his large belly. He is wearing a vest, and pants that end below his knee. His left arm is bent in and holding a palette with multiple splotches of paint, and a paintbrush sticks out of the thumbhole. His right arm is covered by his young daughter who sits on his right knee and looks up at him with her right hand on his stomach. She is wearing a white dress and has hair hanging down her back. A little black terrier dog has its back to the viewer and leans both front paws up onto the daughter’s right side. The dog’s short tail curls out behind it. Behind the dog is the easel and a canvas. The canvas has a substantial amount of painting on it, showing water, a building, and a skyline in light strokes. The easel extends far above the height of the canvas to the top of the page in three vertical wood pieces attached with one horizontal piece. Behind the easel and canvas is a tree and the stormy sky. To the right and behind the man stands his wife, who looks on at the easel with her body facing the same way. She is wearing a dark, billowy blouse with a circular broach at the top of the high neck. She has on a belt and plain pants. Her curly hair is tied up into a large plumed hat. She has her right hand on her husband’s right shoulder and the other hand on her hip. Her young son stands in front of her and slightly to the right. He faces the viewer, with his body turned slightly to the left of the page towards the canvas. He has short hair and is wearing a horizontally striped shirt underneath a v-neck sweater. He has on plain pants and holds a riding crop and wide-brimmed hat in his left hand. His right arm is tucked behind his body. To the right of the mother and son is the outline of dark trees. The cloudy and dark sky is behind them all.