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This wood engraving of a drawing is borderless and in portrait orientation. A full-length caricature of a man stands centrally, with no background or setting. The man is turned slightly to the left of the page, but his head is turned even further to the left, showing the profile of his face. He is wearing pointed-toe shoes and plain pants. His legs are long and his upper body is short. His legs are thin at the ankle and grow wide at the hips. On top he is wearing a collared shirt with a large, dark tie and a vest over top both of those pieces. At the waist the vest has three rows of two buttons that are lined up vertically. He also wears a long open overcoat, which is tailored in at the waist and has three buttons. The coat has a large collar and tight sleeves. The man’s left arm is lifted up and out at his waist and holding a walking cane leaned diagonally up to the right from the ground into his hand. The man’s right arm is pulled behind his back and not visible. The face in profile shows the man frowning with a chin tilted slightly up to the left side of the page. His brows are furrowed. His hair is short and he wears a large black top hat taller than his head. At the man’s feet is slight shading in a circular area. To the left of the page, at the height of the man’s nose, is the text “Max,” which is the artist’s first name. To the right of the cane in the bottom right corner of the image is the text: “Mr. Beerbohm Tree”.