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This line-block reproduction of a wood-engraved image appears in landscape orientation. There is one man gazing off into the distance with a detailed landscape illustrated around him. The man stands in the foreground to the left of the page, facing towards the right side and leaned forward onto a tall engraved stone beside a bridge. He takes up about the whole left side of the page in height, and one-quarter of the page width. The man has his right leg wrapped around in front of his left, clothed in knee-high boots and loose pants. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt and has his coat hung over his right shoulder. He has on a long cap and stringy pieces of hair fall forward onto his face, which is visible in profile. His right arm has the forearm resting on the stone, while only his left elbow leans on the stone and left hand cups his left cheek. The stone pillar he leans on rises to about his waist, or three-quarters up from the bottom of the page, and it tapers off slightly towards the top. The pillar has two vertical lines engraved on the outer edges and the letters “F” “A,” and “S”—the artist Frederick Augustus Sandys’ monogram--are engraved backwards on the centre of the block (likely due to a failure to reverse the letters for the wood engraver). A log with plants growing out of it is leaning on the front of the stone pillar. The foreground is otherwise filled with large leaves and reeds. Behind the man on the left and travelling in a line diagonally up towards the right side of the page is a simple wooden bridge. The bridge has railings made of wood pieces running horizontally in two lines with a few vertical support pieces above the bridge base. Water fills the mid-ground underneath the bridge, reflective of the sky in distorted shading. Bushes line the shore on the far side of the bridge, rising up to the man’s shoulder in height on the page. Behind the bushes are trees forming a forest in the central background, and there is a house to the right peeking out between trees. In the top right corner of the page, or the right background, is a less treed area with logs on the ground and a tent set up. There is also a hill lined with some bushes and trees and a few simple buildings before the skyline in the farthest distance. In the top left corner, the left background, there are also trees and hills rising up to meet a thin skyline.