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This halftone reproduction of a drawing is in portrait orientation and shows a half portrait (top half) of a frontally facing woman. The woman’s torso begins slightly up from the bottom of the page, with light sketches of a skirt blooming out to the bottom edge. Her body faces the viewer with her arms lifted just a little above her sides, and with her forearm and hands outside the frame. Her left arm is much less darkly drawn, appearing nearly invisible except for faintly sketched lines. She is wearing a strapless gown that has a neckline depicted as a wavy line across her upper-chest. She has on a thick black ribbon tied tightly around the middle of her neck. Her head is turned toward the left side of the page, tilted down, but with her eyes turned towards the viewer. Her hair is pulled back in a half-up style with some falling down behind her shoulders. She appears to have hoop earrings on, which just peek out from behind her hair. She has a single dot below her left eye