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This line block reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing is in a square box, bordered by a double-lined frame. The image shows the full-length figure of a woman in profile and the word “MOSKA” [caps] appears to the left about one-third down the page. The woman is turned to the left side of the page, facing the text “MOSKA” [caps]. She takes up the entire height of the image and is centered, taking up about half the width. She is wearing dark slippers with a small bow at the toe of each. Her legs are bare underneath a knee-length dress. The dress is very puffy, with no visible waistline, and an A-line silhouette. The bottom edge at the knee is made of chiffon ruffles. The side to the right of the page has six white buttons that start at her midline and go straight down getting smaller towards the bottom of the dress. The sleeve is long and diagonally striped. In the hand visible to the viewer from her left side she holds a closed fan. The neck of her dress has slight ruffling and her long curly hair cascades down to below her midline. A bow sits on top of her forehead.