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The line block reproduces a pen-and-ink drawing in portrait orientation. There are three figures standing on a rocky beach. In the foreground and on the left side is a woman with her back towards the viewer, facing the water. She takes up the whole height of the image and a third of the width. She is dressed in a layered frock that tightens at the waist with a large bow tied at her back and falling nearly to the ground. The skirt has three tiers of material, with two small bows symmetrically placed. The top has two tiers with the small bows on each tier and a frilly neckline that has a stringy bow tied at the back of her neck. Her hair is tied back in two curly columns with a floral hairpiece at the top of her head and above that a large brimmed hat tilted forward down over her face. The hat has lace plumed up to a point. Her head is turned slightly to the right, and it gives a one-quarter view of her profile. To her right in the foreground is a pebbled beach. The other two figures are in the mid-ground. In the centre a young man stands with his back to the water and front facing the viewer. His face is turned slightly to face the woman on the left of the page. He is wearing undergarments and pantaloons, and holding a piece of cloth behind him with both hands. He has on slippers with bows at the toes and knee-high socks with a bow on each at the top outside edge. His pantaloons or breeches have a floral design and triangularly cut edges falling at the knee. On top he wears a corset-like top that has the matching floral pattern of flowers in vertical lines with tiny arrows. The edge of the top at the waist is also cut in triangles. The top is off-the-shoulder and the sleeve is short with triangular edges. He has a long necklace looping down to below his chest. His hair is short and curly, with a small, brimless cap on top. To the right of him is another woman. She is similarly dressed in undergarments, facing the viewer but turned to look at the man beside her. She has her dress draped over her left arm. She wears bow slippers also, but her undergarments are plain and baggier with the same off-the-shoulder neckline and short sleeves. She has longer hair falling out slightly from beneath a large hat with a bow at her forehead. Behind the women is the pebble beach until three-quarters up the page when the shore begins and a lake or sea takes up the background with a horizon line just before the top of the page. On the top left of the page, just to the right of the dressed woman’s head, a line of birds fly towards the centre in the distance.