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From The Globe and Mail “Books and Authors”: Review of The Savoy, Vol. 2

    The projectors of “The Savoy,” the
decadent journal in which the one and
only Aubrey Beardsley officiates, have
prospered in their venture to the ex-
tent of enlarging their quarterly into
a monthly and have entered upon a
proposed literary career.  At an early
data George Moore of “Cellbates”
fame will begin a serial under tho title
“Evelyn Innes.”  the salutatory it
is said that the aim of The Savoy in
the future will be, as it has been in the
past, to give its readers “letter press
which is literature and illustrations
which are art.”  Which, being translat-
ed, meaneth, we fear, much drivel and
nightmares.  The current number con-
tains the first of three papers on Wil-
liam Blake, with some illustrations of
the artist-poet to the Divine Comedy
from the pen of W. B. Yeats, whom
we would wish to see in better com-
pany.  (Arundel street, Strand, Lon-

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“Books and Authors.” Review of The Savoy, vol.2. The Globe and Mail July 1896. Yellow Nineties 2.0, edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Ryerson University Cente for Digital Humanities, 2019.