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Savoy Prospectus Cover

The Prospectus cover is printed in black ink on dusty pink paper; image and text are set within double ruled lines. The composition is dominated by a clown or Pierrot figure at right. Although he faces front toward the audience, he appears to be walking toward the left across the boards of a stage. Its footlights are formed by a row of black candles; below, the front fa├žade of the stage is festooned with garlands of flowers tied up with bow-tied ribbons. The clown figure wears a top hat, a large ruffled collar, and a loose tunic over baggy trousers or pantaloons; large black wings emerge from his shoulders, and he holds a decorative drapery of cloth around him like a cape or shawl. He is wearing dance slippers, festooned on the ankles with black wings. In his left hand, he carries the symbols of literature and art: a quill pen and a pencil. In his right hand, he holds up a large piece of paper, on which is printed, in all capital letters, PROSPECTUS /NUMBER/ I / DECEMBER 1st 1895. At bottom left, a small impish or child-like figure lifts the bottom of the stage curtain to peek out. He has tousled hair, a big grin, and a bare torso. Above him, on the stage curtains, is printed: The Savoy / An Illustrated Quarterly/ Published by Leonard Smithers/ Effingham House/ Arundel Street, Strand, London W.C.