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This image is a lithograph caricature portrait of Samuel Rutherford Crockett. Crockett is standing to show his full body in profile facing left (his right). His face is turned upwards, tilting his head at an upward angle. Crockett stands with his legs apart. His left hand is inside his coat pocket. His right hand holds a book and rests on the back of a chair that is slightly behind him at left. The book in Crockett’s hand is grey with a colourful pink bonnet pictured on the cover. Above the bonnet “LILAC” is written and below the bonnet “SUN [BONNE]” is written. Crockett is wearing a grey suit and formal single-breasted full-length Ulster topcoat with cape attached. The topcoat has one left patched main pocket visible and a left patched breast pocket visible. Crockett’s right main pocket has brown gloves visibly poking out. His left breast pocket has a patterned folded handkerchief sticking out. Crockett is wearing a single-breasted dress jacket with four buttons, a white collared shirt and salmon coloured necktie (style obscured). He is wearing square-toed black dress shoes. On the chair seat lies a grey checker-patterned flat cap. Crockett has short brown hair with a full beard and moustache.