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Periodicals on both sides of the Atlantic regularly reviewed aesthetic magazines in the 1890s and early years of the twentieth century. Some reviews would be fairly lengthy essays; others might only be a sentence or two in length; occasionally, the critic would compare one magazine to another. As was typical of the period, most reviews were published unsigned. This digital repository of historical reviews offers insight into the critical reception of Y90s magazines at the time of their production. Users can read Y90s Reviews online and also, if interested, examine the xml markup used to encode them.

From The Spectator: “‘The Pageant,’ And Two Other Miscellanies”

The Pageant is a rightly conceived mixture of literature and graphic art. Instead of illustrations furnished by some indifferent hack to story or essay, and wordy description written round pictures, we have here drawings, verses, prose, appealing each on their own merits.
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