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This line block engraving is an advertisement for Swan Electric Engraving Company. It features a decorated letter “T” at the start of the text. The letterpress after that is set in all capital letters with a fleuron halfway through the text. A decorative tailpiece of tangled vines and foliage, shaped in an inverted triangle, appears at the bottom of the page. The text of the ad reads: “THE SWAN ELEC- / TRIC ENGRAVING / COMPANY, / NORTHUMBRIA HOUSE / 116 CHARING CROSS / ROAD [fleuron inserted here] / LONDON / TESTIMONIALS FROM / THE LATE SIR JOHN MILLAIS, P. R. A. / MR. G. F. WATTS, R.A. / SIR EDWARD BURNE-JONES / MR. J. M’NEILL WHISTLER / AND MANY OTHER / ARTISTS” There is no period or other punctuation at the end of the text.