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The image is a sketched study of the body in movement showing two figures in motion. At left is a female body standing in profile facing right. Her arms are in the air with her right arm covering her face and her left arm bent at the elbow. She is nude from the waist up. At her waist, a cloth robe is tied at her abdomen. It covers her lower body down the length of her leg, then exposing her feet. At right is the same female figure now bent forward at the waist. She is in three-quarter profile with the right side of her back and stomach in view. The back of her head is shown with her hair appearing to be loosely tied up. Her arms reach down towards the ground, reaching the midpoint of her shins. Her right hand is visible, with her palm down and her fingers stretched forward towards the right. There is no background. The artist’s initials “C.H.S.” along with the year “96” appear in the lower right corner of the drawing.