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Not to be confused with Shannon’s painting or sanguine study in 1922, this halftone reproduction of “The Wounded Amazon,” is an earlier painting on the same theme. The scene depicts an Amazon warrior removing her armour after being injured. She is sitting behind bushes. She has light hair tied behind her head. She wears a cloth tunic that is open at the front, exposing her breast. The tunic covers her shoulders but exposes her arm. It covers her lower body to mid-thigh, exposing her legs. She sits leaning on her left hip and leg. Both of her legs are bent at the knee. Her lower right leg is exposed, with leg armour still attached. She is currently untying the leg armour at her ankle. Her shield rests upright against the bushes by her right shoulder. Her left leg armour is already removed and rests in the foreground by her knees. There is a long staff or thick tree branch angled behind her back, stretching from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner of the image. She is sitting on cloth, possibly part of her tunic or robe.