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The front cover is bound in a claret-coloured cloth and features letters and images in gold gilt impressing. The title, “The Pageant,” appears in all capital letters, centred beneath the top edge. The title is followed by a willow leaf and a small flower. Directly beneath the title, the year “1897” appears, centred and followed by an identical willow leaf and flower. The cover features six gilt-impressed doves: three spaced along the spine, and another three spaced along the vertical edge. All six doves face right toward the vertical edge. There are two different versions of these doves that alternate with each other. The doves used in the upper-right and the bottom-right corners along the vertical edge as well as at the mid-point along the spine carry a plant in their beak with two flowers among the leaves. By contrast, the doves in the upper-left and lower-right corners along the spine as well as the dove placed at the midpoint along the vertical edge carry the same plant in their beaks, but with an additional three leaves and two flowers appearing beneath the dove, suggesting that they are clutching an additional plant in their claws. In the lower left corner, between the dove and the vertical edge, the artist’s initials, “CR,” appear in gilt impressing.