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This line-block reproduces Housman’s Illustration for his fairy tale, “Blind Love,” which begins on p. 64. This image depicts Sir Percyn wooing the invisible princess in the high-tower window of her castle. Sir Percyn is shown with his back to the viewer, but in three-quarter profile. His hair is loose, and he wears a long robe. He is kneeling. His sword rests by his left knee. He is looking into an empty window and his arms encircle what must be the invisible princess, though no figure is pictured. It appears as if he is kissing the air. Inside the window, the viewer only sees darkness. The tower walls surrounding the window are covered in flowering roses and vines. Only the ledge of a small balcony is visible by Sir Percyn’s feet. The turret fills three quarters of the image. In the upper right corner of the image, more towers and buildings for the castle are visible. The sky is dark, suggesting the image takes place at night. In the lower right-hand corner, another window appears in the turret with an ornate stone arch visible. From within the arch, the face and hands of a figure watches Sir Percyn from inside the tower.