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This halftone reproduction is of a watercolour on silk, which Conder originally painted in 1890. The image depicts two figures at a masquerade ball. The figure on the right is a woman, with her face in profile and her body facing the viewer. She wears a long billowing light-coloured gown hanging off of her shoulders. Her hair is tied back. She wears long gloves. Her left arm hangs down, while her right one holds up a bouquet of flowers covering her right shoulder. She is also holding her mask in her right hand. She is gazing at a man standing the shadows on the left side of the image. His face is uncovered but he is wearing a Harlequin costume, and faces right, meeting the woman’s gaze. They are standing at either end of an arched doorway. A curtain has been pulled back behind the woman. Through the archway a balcony with a bench is visible with vases on the ledge. One vase holds flowers. Beyond the ledge, a faint image of a building with smoke rising out of what is likely a chimney, appears.