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The image, in portrait-orientation, depicts three women on the shore by the ocean. The women are gathered on the right side of a tall dune, which is sprinkled with thirteen small flowering bushes. At left, one woman lies on a rock, resting on her right hip, facing the viewer, with her head on her right arm and her right hand wrapped around her head, touching her left ear; her long hair flows down the rock she rests upon. Bare from the waist up, a white towel or cloth covers her legs. The centre of the image is dominated by a second woman, who stands upright with her back to the viewer. A draped white towel or cloth covers her from waist to foot. She has divided her long dark so that half is hanging down her left side; she is using her hands to ring out the water. At her feet at right, a woman reclines on the beach with her back to the viewer. She is only visible from the waist up and is topless. The right side of her face is visible in three quarter profile but facing away from the viewer. Her hair is pulled over the front of her left shoulder, and she leans back on her arms folded near her waist behind her back. In the background, beyond the mound, the ocean and skyline are visible. White waves hit the shore and seagulls fly in the air.