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Also referred to as “Christ and the Woman of Samaria” (1510-1512), the halftone reproduction of Campagnola’s stipple engraving depicts a woman resting by a well as Christ approaches her. Christ appears in the left side of the image in profile. He is bearded, with hair to his shoulders, and is wearing long robes; his left hand is lifted up. The woman has long hair down her back and is dressed in a formal gown. She bends over a well with her body facing the viewer and her face turned in profile towards Christ. To her right is the well, decorated with two goat heads on the side visible to the viewer. The woman rests her left hand on the rim of the well and her right hand holds onto a ceramic vessel with which to collect water. Behind the well, a tree trunk is visible with branches and leaves reaching to the upper right corner of the image. In the middleground between the Christ and the woman is a bush that is partially covered by the woman’s gown. The background shows landscape with a body of water. In the far distance on the opposite shore, are several buildings, one with a tall tower. Clouds stretch across the sky.