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Image is of a man sitting on wooden planks that appears to be a platform on top of a tower or mountain. He is kneeling with his legs folded underneath him with an angel hovering above him. The man is in the lower right corner of the image. He is in profile facing left and hunched forward slightly with his right hand raised. He is wearing rough looking clothing from animal skins and has a dark beard Beside his feet there is a cross. Above him there is a floating banner that reads in all capital letters ST SIMEON and then STYLITES. Lines that resemble rays of light emanate from the space around his head. The figure hovering above the man has two black wings and is holding out a crown. It is wearing a long white robe. In the distance behind the figures the shore and the sea are visible with two sail boats floating on the waves. In the bottom left hand corner the artist’s signature is visible. The image is vertically positioned with a black border.