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Centered at the top of the page is the title and subtitle all in caps arranged over four lines The "Evergreen A Northern Seasonal The Book of Winter". Centered below this text in reddish orange colored ink is an ornament in the shape of a human face surrounded by a decorative pattern. The face is rendered with simple lines the eyebrows connect to the nose with the mouth underneath The two eyes are also simply outlined with visible lids. Four thick lines surround the face appearing to represent hair. These lines cross over each other under the chin and form two loops at the bottom of the ornament. Where the lines cross over there is a checkered pattern. In the place where the lines loop back up they connect to a decorative pattern that loosely resembles two wings at either side of the face. The ornament is displayed in a portrait orientation with no border. Below the ornament and centered at the bottom of the page the publishing information appears over 6 lines centred and in all caps. Published in the Lawnmarket of Edinburgh by Patrick Geddes and Colleagues in London by T Fisher Unwin and in Philadelphia by J B Lippincott Co 1896 7.