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Front cover is brown leather decorated with a tree motif in green ink. Centered at the top of the image in reddish brown ink is the title The Evergreen in capital letters. The branches of the tree spread outward towards the left and right side of the cover and weave together in the center. The tree and its branches take up the majority of the cover. On the center bottom left of the cover beside the trunk of the tree in reddish orange ink it reads published in EDINBURGH by Patrick Geddes Colleagues at the Lawnmarket. The text continues on the right side of the trunk. It reads And also in LONDON by T Fisher Unwin Paternoster Square E C. The roots of the tree extend below this text and wrap around the words WINTER BOOK in red brown ink. Below this s a design in green ink that extends from the left to the right side of the image. Tracing this design and the tree is a thick line of blue ink. The artist's mark, a small m, can be found in the lower left corner of the image. A frame of two thin green lines encloses the image. Image is vertically displayed.