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Image is of three young women who are standing at the edge of a body of water. The young woman on the far left has dark hair and is wearing a dark dress with an apron that has a decorated edge. She is leaning over to pick a flower along the edge of the water. She is holding the hand of the young woman in the middle who is standing upright. She has long light hair and her eyes appear to be closed or her gaze is downcast. Her dress is patterned and she is wearing a white apron that is draped loosely around her shoulders. She has her arm around the third young woman on the far right who is leaning to the right with her gaze directed to the right side of the page. She is holding the hand of the young woman beside her which is draped around her shoulder. There are long reeds and a sandy bank that curves into the water visible behind the young women. There is a tree on the far right side of the image. On the bank of the other side of the body of water there are animals possibly lambs that are grazing. Loosely drawn buildings are visible in the far distance. In the far right corner of the image the artist s mark an M with a circle around it is visible. The image is positioned horizontally and is framed by a thin border. The title By the Bonnie Banks o Fordie refers to a ballad in which three sisters are confronted by a man at the banks of the Fordie.