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Image is of a man with an axe swung back behind his shoulder about to chop a tree in the foreground while in the background a cart full of logs is being drawn by horses along a winding road. The man in the foreground has black pants a white shirt and a black cap. He has a dark beard. Behind him a large stack of logs tied together with string or twine lies in a wooden cart with large wheels. This cart is being drawn by a line of three horses a black horse at the back a white horse in the middle and a black horse at the front. The horse at the back can be seen in profile but as the road turns the other two horses are visible from behind. Two men are tending to the horses One man s back is turned to the viewer. He has one hand on the cart and one hand on the reins of the horse at the back. The other man also has his back to the viewer and he is whipping the middle horse. On the other side of the road behind these figures there is a dense forest. Trees are in the far distance at the top right corner of the image. The artist s mark a letter M in a circle can be found in the bottom left corner of the image. The image is horizontally positioned with a thin black border along the left top and right edges, there is no border along the bottom of the image.