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Presented on top of a sculpture is steps leading up to an obelisk with a pyramid shape on top. Running up both visible sides of the obelisk and the shape on top are hieroglyphs in three different spots the base the middle and the shape on top. On either side of the obelisk are sphinxes of very similar shape and appearance they are facing each other. They are mounted on two large platforms that have letters underneath. The letter on the left is P and the letter on the right is G the artist s initials. Directly behind the obelisk are three suns, positioned just behind where the hieroglyphs are located on the Obelisk. The suns have a dark centre and are radiating light outward across the image. Positioned in a rectangle formation around the middle set of hieroglyphs are words that if read clockwise say LAPIS PHILO ORUM and SOPH.