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Image is of a figure in a winter scene who is hunched over and holding a bundle of kindling. The figure is partially obscured by a single tree surrounded by a few sparse shrubs. Thin bare trees sparsely populate the foreground of the image and become denser in the background towards the top right corner. In the foreground of the image there is a creek indicated by thin horizontal black lines. A brick bridge is visible on the center right of the image extending over the creek. Behind the figure is a small cottage with snow on its roof and a chimney at the top. Behind the house in the background, is a winding wall that separates the forested area from an open field. The image is rendered in thick black ink with significant white space indicating snow and the sky. The engraver s mark Hare Sc can be found in the bottom right corner of the image. The artist s mark a C with a line through the center can be found on the left side of the image. The image is vertically positioned with a black border.