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Image is of two knights on white horses with shields and lances facing each other. Both horses appear to be in motion. The knight on the left is leaning back with a broken lance and the knight on the right is pointing a lance at the other knight s chest. A third figure a woman in a long white robe is floating on her side above the knight with the broken lance. One of her arm and her sleeves are adorned with an intricate pattern. The knight on the left is wearing a black robe with a white heraldic cross on the chest and another across the arm. These crosses each have a pattern of five birds one at each arm of the cross and one in the center. The knight is also wearing a loose belt gauntlets and a helmet that shows his face. The knight on the right is wearing a white robe with greaves visible on his legs. He is carrying a shield with the image of a rampant lion. His sword sheathe is decorated with four heraldic devices In the top left corner there is a shield with five birds, the same insignia that is on the knight with the broken lance s robe. A winding river with decorative lines runs through the background and trees are visible towards the top of the image. The artist's mark ‘RB’ can be found on the bottom right side of and the engraver s signature Hare Sc can be found on the bottom left corner of the image. The image is horizontally positioned with a black border.