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Image is of a woman and a young child with feathered wings standing at the edge of a forest. The woman is wearing a dress whose layers of translucent fabric are blowing above her head and around her. Her hair is tied up with a few strands loose in front of her face and she is looking down towards the child. The child is holding a bundle of twigs under one arm and is holding the woman s hand with their other hand. The child is facing away from the viewer with a gaze that appears to be directed upwards to the woman. Two feathered wings protrude from the child’s shoulders. Behind the two figures there is the impression of a forest drawn with dense scratchy lines and black ink. The entire image is drawn in a distinct sketch like style. Around the image there is a decorative frame with a flower pattern drawn to look like the carved wooden frame of a painting. On a banner at the top of the frame the word WINTER is shown in rough capital letters. At the bottom right corner of the image the artist s initials W G M can be found. The image is vertically positioned.