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Decorative image shows a woman in profile standing under a stylized tree with an axe and a bundle of sticks in front of her. There is a cluster of trees behind her and footsteps lead across the snow from the trees to where she stands. The woman’s arms are crossed. Her head is tilted down and her eyes are closed or her gaze is cast downward. She is wearing a long robe that is pleated at the bottom and wraps over her hair as a hood. The robe has a decorated edge visible along the hood and also along a portion of fabric that is pulled up where her arms are crossed. The tree that she is standing under curves over her head Sharp stylized ice crystals hang from the top and inner branches. An angular pattern of triangles and pentagons fill the spaces in between the branches over her head The trees in the background are also stylized. There are five trees in total and they are decorated with long thin lines with thick angular branches barely visible at their tops. The bundle of sticks in front of the woman is tied together and knotted at the top. The ax lies at her feet with the blade pointing towards the bottom of the image. Behind the woman along the right side of the image there are boxes containing images of astrological symbols with the corresponding name underneath. The box at the top of the image has an image of a goat and text below the image reads CAPRICORNUS. Under this there is a man carrying a jug on top of his head with the text below reading AQUARIUS. Under this there is a decorative pattern followed by a box with two fish with text beneath it that reads PISCES. Finally at the bottom there is a box with a ram and text below it that reads ARIES. A stylized border frames the lower portion of the image. Connected to the border on the middle left side of the image there is the artist's mark that reads NB The image is positioned vertically.