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Image is of two female musicians in a natural setting on a beach beside the sea. The figure on the right is standing and holding a long, illuminated scroll with markings, most likely text. She appears to be singing. She has dark hair with a white bow that draws her bangs away from her face. She is wearing a loose dress with gigot sleeves, an embroidered collar and a decorative belt. The figure on the left is sitting down, playing a lyre. She is wearing a black smock with white patterned sleeves that are puffed out at the shoulders. Her dark hair is being held back by a flower, possibly a rose, and her dress is also adorned with a rose. In the foreground, there is a row of stylized iris flowers. Behind the two figures is a single orange tree with a thin trunk and fruit in the branches. The sea in the background on the left side of the image is marked with rolling waves with white crests. To the right of the beach are sand dunes or cliffs.. Behind the standing figure’s head is a large moon with clouds in front and lines radiating out from it. Image is vertically displayed with a thick inner border and a thin outer border. The engraver’s mark “Hare Sc” can be seen in the bottom right corner, in between the two borders. The artist’s mark, a black box with the text “A Kay Womrath” is visible on the right side of the image.