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Image is of three women in a clearing on the outskirts of a forest. It is evening, as indicated by the title which translates into English as “An Evening in June.” Two of the women are in the foreground, running or dancing with their arms outstretched. They are leaning to the right and their full skirts are billowing behind them. One woman is in front of the other. She is wearing a white dress with large bishop sleeves that end at her elbows. Her dark hair is tied in an elaborate updo. In either hand she is holding one end of a garland of flowers. She appears to be stepping on a thistle. The second woman is behind her with both arms in the air. She is wearing a dark dress with a decorative pattern. In one hand she is holding a plant or flower. In the distance, behind a tree, the third woman watches the other two. She has a dark dress and is holding a bouquet of flowers. There is one thin tree in the foreground and several trees are visible in the background on the left. Even more trees are visible in the distance on the right side of the image. A curved line cuts through the foreground of the image, separating the ground that the women are standing on from a darker area of flattened perspective where there are several flowering bushes, and giving the sense that the women are on a hill. In the distance, the sky is dark as indicated by thin horizontal lines. The image has a black border and is displayed vertically.. The artist’s mark appears in the bottom left side of the image. Beneath the border on the bottom left the engraver’s signature, “Hare Sc.” can be found.