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Image is of a group of seven girls lying on cut grass. The girls are playing chucks. They are roughly positioned in a circle and their attention is directed towards one girl on the right side of the image. This girl has dark hair and a white dress. She is sitting upright with her left hand in the grass. In her right hand, she is tossing three small objects into the air. Towards the bottom left-hand corner of the image, there are three girls who are visible from behind. One girl, on the far left edge, has light hair and is wearing a woven sun-hat. In her hand, she is holding a box. The two girls to her right both have dark hair. One girl, farther to the right, is resting on her elbows and knees and is leaning forward to look at the girl throwing the chucks. She is wearing a plain black dress and her face can be seen in profile. The third girl is resting her hand on the girl in the black dress’ back. She is wearing a patterned blouse and a plain black skirt with a white apron. Her neck and ear are visible, but not her face. Along the top of the image, there are three more girls lying on the grass. The girl on the far left is wearing a polka-dot patterned dress and is resting her chin on the girl in the middle’s arm. The girl in the middle has very light hair and a white dress. She is resting her head against her hand. The girl on the right has a patterned dress and her chin is propped up on her fist. In the bottom right of the image, we see the artist’s mark: a white M in a black circle. The image reproducer’s signature, “Hare Sc” is in the lower-left corner. This image is displayed horizontally, in landscape orientation, and has a black border.