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Image is of one person lying on their chest along the bank of a body of water with their elbows up and both hands and chin in the water. The person’s head is in the center of the image with their shoulders and torso partially visible along the right edge of the image. The person has blonde hair that is parted in the middle with stray wisps. They are looking forward with an indirect gaze and a furrowed brow. There are slight circles under the eyes. In the water, there are two patches of sand where small plants are growing. There are also plants in the water itself. In the bottom center left of the image on a patch of sand is a gecko or lizard that is facing the person. On the shore behind the person are several species of mushroom and small stones. Dark vegetation can be seen along the top center and top left of the image, in the background. The artist’s mark is in the lower-right corner of the image. In the lower left corner is the engraver’s name “Hare Sc.” The image is vertically displayed with a black border.