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Image is of Joan of Arc marching to Rheims for the coronation of the Dauphin with the Garde E’cossaise, or the Scots Guard. Joan is riding on horseback in the center of the image. She is wearing a full suit of armour with decorative embellishments and spurs at her heels. A sword in its sheathe rests against her hip. On her head, she is wearing a cap (sallet?) with a feather protruding from the back and her long black hair is falling behind her. In one hand she is holding the reins of the horse and in the other, she is holding up a flag adorned with the French fleur-de-lis. Joan is looking straight ahead. Her upper body is encircled by two angels, who float at either side of her. The angels’ faces are turned towards Joan and their wings form a circle around her. The angel on the right has long, stylized hair. The angel’s hands are held up below their chin with interlacing fingers. The horse that Joan is riding is dark in colour. A fleur-de-lis patterned caparison is draped over it. The horse is shown in profile with one leg lifted and its mouth is open. Surrounding Joan are six soldiers from the Scots Guard, three in front and three behind. These soldiers are outfitted in armour, decorated with crosses on their fronts (on their brigandines?). The word “CHARLES” is visible across the chests of the three soldiers behind Joan. Two of these soldiers are carrying bows. One of the soldiers is also holding an arrow. An arrow is also visible in the hand of one of the soldiers in front of Joan. Two of the soldiers at the front are carrying a flag. The first flag shows a lion with the Latin script “In Omni mode fidelis,” translated into English as “Ever Faithful.” The second flag is the Scottish flag, bearing St. Andrew’s cross. In the top left hand corner of the image, the words “JeAanne D’Arc et sa Garde Ecossoise” are written in a gothic script. This text is enclosed in a two-lined border that follows the shape of the letters. A single lined black border encloses the rest of the image. The artist’s mark can be found in the bottom left corner. The engraver’s signature “Hare Sc” can be found in the bottom right corner. The image is displayed in landscape orientation.