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Centred at the top of the page is the title “The / Evergreen” split between two lines. This is followed by “A Northern Seasonal,” and then, “The Book of Autumn,” all in caps. Centred below this text in reddish-orange-coloured ink, is a decorative ornament in the shape of an inverted triangle. Within the inverted triangle are two upside-down birds. One wing of each bird is at the bottom of the triangle; the wings are placed against each other and curving slightly away from each other at the bottom most point. The birds’ necks stretch towards the top of the ornament, and then curve, interlace, and loop downward so that they are looking at each other at the centre. Their heads are shown in profile, so that one eye can be seen from each bird. In the very centre, one claw can be seen from each bird. In the two outer corners of the triangle, ribbons interlace to form a knotwork pattern, also interlacing with the necks of the birds. Below the ornament, and centred at the bottom of the page reads: “Published / in the Lawnmarket of Edinburgh / by Patrick Geddes and Colleagues/ In London by T. Fisher Unwin, and / in America by J. B. Lippincott Co./ 1895.”